What is the ChilliSim card?

ChilliSim is a global roaming SIM.

Do I need a smartphone to use ChilliSim?

ChilliSim of course works in a smartphone but if all you want to do is make a call, it can work in older phone models.

How do I register my SIM?

You can register your SIM on our Registration page.

Alternatively you can send a free sms to 1515 with the following information and our support team can register the sim for you:

-First name

-Second name

-Date of Birth


If your SIM is not registered within 24 hours of first use, you will lose service.

How do I set up my internet?

Your APN name is: chili

Android: Find your settings menu > More settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Your name will be chili and the APN will also be chili. Once you have entered the details press save and select the chili option. To enable internet access please ensure you allow data roaming.

iPhone: Settings menu > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN. Your APN name is chili. To enable internet access please ensure you allow data roaming.

Switch off data roaming when you are not using your internet as you may be charged depending on what country you are in for keeping your data roaming on.

How do I make a call?

ChilliSim uses the direct call method in most countries however in some countries only call back is available. When call back is available your SIM will send you a message ‘call not allowed’ your SIM will then call you back and connect you to your calling destination. When you make a call please dial the full international dialling code to allow the SIM to connect you to your destination.

Mr Chilli Tip! Check your call rate using the Call Rate option in your SIM services menu before dialling.

Do you have a cheaper SMS service?

Chilli SIM offers two types of SMS services:

Standard SMS from UK & Spain $0.10 ($0.25 rest of world).

SMS Lite from $0.02 (SIM services)

What can I find in SIM Services?

Send SMS Send an SMS Lite

Call Rate Enter the number you wish to dial to get the cost of calling to that number in the country you are in.

Balance check Check your current balance

Recharge Top-up your SIM with a voucher you have purchased

Transfer Transfer credit to another ChilliSim.

Additional Services check your usage for the current month

Settings  Manual or Automatic profile in Country Selection. Country should have the asterisk next to the country you are currently in. If the country you are in is not listed then the asterisk should be on GLOBAL.

How do I send an SMS Lite?

Select Send SMS in your SIM Services. Enter the number you wish to send an SMS to, please dial the full international dialling code followed by the number, select OK. Type the text, select OK. This will prompt a message ‘SMS Submitted’.

How do I top-up?

To top-up, dial *133* enter the PIN No # (call/send)

How do I check my number?

Dial *135# (call/send)

How do I check my balance?

Dial *130# (call/send)

Does ChilliSim offer voicemail?

Yes we do, to listen to your voicemail dial *121# (call/send).

Can I check my data usage?

Dial *137# (call/send)

How can I contact Customer Services?

For all queries, please email support@chillisim.com or send an SMS to our support team for free to 1515 from your ChilliSim.