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What is ChilliSim?

ChilliSim is a roaming SIM created for people on the move that need to communicate. Whether it is hours of instant messaging for a few cents or an old fashioned phone call or even a real text message, you will find all possible with ChilliSim. Unlike most roaming sim services, ChilliSim is direct dial throughout Europe, most of Asia and USA.


Longer Bundle life!

We’ve now increased the validity of the bundles from 30 days to 45!

Enjoy longer use of your EU, Global and Brazil bundles!

Brand New Brazil Profile!

Our new bundle will be able to provide data to Brazil, Panama & most of the Caribbean!

50MB  - $11.00
100MB – $20.00
250MB – $36.00
500MB – $68.00

Current offers

Check out our Facebook page for all the current offers at www.facebook.com/ChilliSimData

Hot Data Roaming

$0.14 per MB in EU
$0.14 per MB USA
$0.29 per MB in most of Asia
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